Our Story

As incredulous as it sounds, Playand was actually conceptualised because of a nosebleed. A lot of people did not know this, but my eldest daughter, Kayleen, suffered from severe nosebleed episodes that even the slightest knock can set her bleeding profusely for 20 minutes.

The bleeding got so bad one day that we had to summon an ambulance to come. 😭 After which, we threw away all the hard furnitures, curtains and soft toys in our home, things that she could potentially knock into or are triggers for her nosebleeds.

These nosebleed episodes affected my every purchase decision for furniture, especially when it's time to buy a bed for Kayleen (in order to entice her to sleep in her own room). I needed a bed that checks all these boxes (otherwise I may end up in blood pool every morning...)

Soft and comfortable with no hard wooden/metal parts

Modular, fun and can be reconfigured for imaginative play

Is safe and low in height

Certified materials

Stain-resistant washable covers (tested and proven on blood stains!)

When a search online turned out nothing satisfactory, I took to the drawing board and decided to design my own. One thing led to the other and as they always say, the rest is history!